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LlTV Network.
You and Your Life...
LlTV Local local Television
Creative Art, Design, Film, Media, Technology
Our first objective
To provide the local community with a platform offering local news about creative arts, design, film, media and new technology.
Our second objective
To give businesses, organisations and local people an outlet,.
To let the local community know what is available in their local area .
Local Programs
We encourage local program makers to join our network. Members can then upload their films for other members to view. LlTV will stream films on our local TV channels
If you have a local issue or subject you would like to have Local LTV  cover. Then contact with your idea and we shall look at what we can do to help.
Programs will be available  via a streaming format from the Internet. To be viewed by any Internet access device with video capability.
We are therefore an international company from a viewers point of view, but with a local content from the individual program makers.
World Wide Advertising on a Local level!!!
Local local Television     
is a company which provides local communities with access to programs made by local people,
local people can engage with
advertising linked to the local area.
Get your advertising to the local consumer via Local local TV
Advertise your business with LlTV...
Link your advertising to the subject being broadcast or relative to the local area.
Ideal for local businesses, places  to see or visit!!! Get your national advertising out in a local content.  
Local advertisements for local people!!!
Advertising will be available in packages  to suit all advertisers.
From one off sales to sales campaigns.
Program sponsorships, and on site adverts with links back to sponsors / advertisers own web sites!!!