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LlTV Network.
You and Your Life...
LlTV Local local Television
Creative Art, Design, Film, Media, Technology
www.lltv.co.uk Local local Television provides local communities with an outlet for local programs. Programs from independent individuals about local places, entertainment, creative art, history, film ,media and new technologies, for your local area.
The programs will be available as streaming video from our web site to view on your TV computer, phone,or any portable device with video access to the web.
Watch your local...
Arts, Film, Drama, Music Projects. Local to you or on a world wide scale
Those special events, special interests, performing arts etc.
Broadcast on the WWW.
Pictures /adverts can also hyperlink to your web site
to bring customers to you.
News Reviews
What’s on in the local Arts and music scene
Your local programs...
You pick the programs to watch.
Play them back on line.

You are in total control of programs.
View them at a time of your choosing!
LlTV can get local people to give feedback on your business.
They can raise your profile to help improve local awareness
of what you have to offer...