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LlTV Network.
You and Your Life...
LlTV Local local Television
Creative Art, Design, Film, Media, Technology
Why wait...  
Local people and businesses are invited to send their programs to Local local TV, for inclusion on our
program listings.
Whatever is of interest to you is of interest to other local people.
LlTV will include programs by area and type so that viewers can easily find what they are looking for.
Get your advertising to the local consumer via Local local TV
If you have a sponsor for your program LlTV will give the sponsors a listing in our program schedule with direct links to the sponsors web site.
 LlTV may have sponsors for programs based on content, who we will list in our schedules against the  appropriate group of programs.
LlTV will provide short advertising placements which are shown before and after each program or program segment
(Programs will be available via streaming segments of up to
20 minuets in length to facilitate easy download from the Web)
Direct links to advertisers own web sites can be provided.
Programs can be about any subject,
(LlTV reserve the right to decide what content is acceptable for viewing).
We are looking for programs about your Local area, about Local Groups, Arts, Film, Media, Clubs, People and Places. Programs can be Documentary, Entertaining, Information Giving or Promotional.
LlTV aim to reach your local area so you can advertise your local or national business direct to the Town, Village or Group of people you wish to reach.
Contact LlTV to discuss our unique sponsorship and advertising packages at LlTV Advertising
In your local language...
We are here to support Local Communities and issues that affect them. So here is your chance to promote and inform on a Local, National and International platform.
If you would like LlTV to make a program then send your suggestions to  LlTV programs and we will let you know if we can help make a program.